Worship Team Application

Please complete the Worship Team Application. Take your time and answer completely and honestly.


Different serve team positions at Free People require different levels of maturity and commitment. Because leading worship is such a visible and important leadership role in our church, these positions have higher expectations than some other positions. To begin the application process, the following prerequisites must be met.

  1. I have completed the Honor Code Form
  2. I regularly attend weekly services at Free People
  3. I regularly give financially to the vision of Free People
  4. I actively participate in a Group at Free People at least one semester a year
  5. I have my own touring-level gear (guitar, amp/modeler*, pedals, etc.) necessary to play the type of music regularly played by Free People Worship. The only exceptions are drums, as we use a house kit, and bassists are not required to have an amp/modeler.

As a note of information (not a requirement), most of our guitarists/bassists currently use some form of the Line6 Helix line of modelers, and we find that it works very well with our setup.

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