We exist to help people LOVE GOD, LIVE FREE, BUILD FAMILY and BRING THE KINGDOM. Together we are pursuing God to see revival in our region and nation through the preaching of the Gospel and power of the Holy Spirit, bringing thousands of people to God. We are unconditional in love, uncompromising in Truth, and undeniably full of the Holy Spirit.


What we do for God flows from who we are in God. There are 5 AXIOMS OF IDENTITY that make up who we are as FREE PEOPLE:

  1. People of the WORD: faith comes by hearing, and the Truth sets you free. The Bible is our foundation and authority for life.
  2. People of the SPIRIT: the Spirit's filling, gifts, guidance, power and presence are essential to our faith.
  3. People of ONE ANOTHER: we are not meant to do life alone and we are better together. We are a family.
  4. People of the KINGDOM: The Kingdom of God is bigger than any one church or denomination. We partner with and bless other churches and ministries that are advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is not a competition and we are all on the same team.
  5. People FOR the WORLD: We are not OF the world, but we are FOR it. We seek to see "all people saved and come to a knowledge of the Truth."

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