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Freedom and spiritual health are things we take very seriously at Free People Church, and we ultimately want to disciple and equip EVERYONE to be able to practice in these areas.

If you need help, whether you need prayer, deliverance, pastoral care, discipleship or financial, we want to help you find freedom.

At Free People Church, we have broken down options into three levels so you can take the step that is most appropriate for you.

LEVEL 1: Ministry Team

Every single Sunday during our services, we have a Ministry Team of mature, caring believers who are available to listen, pray with you as needed. This is a great place to start if you need prayer, guidance or help!

LEVEL 2: Deliverance Prayer

If you want to go deeper in your walk with God, need greater healing or freedom, or want to be trained to help others experience those things, this is an incredible opportunity to do all of that!

We have been partnering with Open Heaven Ministries since 2016, and they are incredibly anointed and gifted in not only training people in inner healing and deliverance, but also helping people experience it themselves by receiving prayer from their Prayer Team.

All of our Pastors and Ministry Team have been through this training at some point, along with countless others in our church, and we highly recommend it for everyone! They have trainings one per month in the greater Cincinnati area.

LEVEL 3: Counseling

If you need deeper, more intensive counseling, there are two options.
The Healing Care Center

For even deeper and more comprehensive, experiential training in formational prayer, inner healing and deliverance, you can attend a seminar or training with The Healing Care Center in Ashland, Ohio.

Led by Terry Wardle, The Healing Care Center (THCC) is part of the Healing Care family, which has been helping the hurting find wholeness for more than 25 years. THCC is both a place and an approach. Rooted in the deep belief that genuine wholeness comes through Christ, they also draw upon proven practices in traditional counseling and emerging research in modern neuroscience for a holistic approach to care.

Trusted Counselors

Sometimes people need ongoing, weekly counseling to overcome trauma, addiction, or other emotional, mental, or relational problems. We have a list of local, trusted Christian counselors that we can refer you to.

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