Angie Walls

Extraordinarily Women

The goal of this group is to bring women together to build relationships. We will be focusing on Lysa Terkuerst’s book, Trustworthy: Overcoming Our Greatest Struggles to Trust God.

Hanna Hopper

Womens Hiking Group

In this group we will be seeking to connect with nature and our Creator. We will do this by getting outside and hiking easy to moderate trails each Saturday morning as a group. We will also be reading “This Outside Life-Finding God in the Heart of Nature” by Laurie Kehler together and have brief discussion and reflective time on the content. These trails will be in various locations throughout Adams, Brown, and Clermont counties and will be appropriate for all skill levels! Come discover how to connect to the Father through His creation!

Barry Bolender

Men’s Guitar Fellowship

Purpose of the group is for fellowship and sharing ideas. Would really like to encourage younger players. Helping to build their confidence to someday participate in praise and worship.

Jessica Purdy

Sacred Sisterhood

Hosting a safe place to build a sisterhood community with young women who are likeminded Christian trying to find “their people” in this fallen world. 

Jake Prebble

Practical Performance Shooting

This group will use practical marksmanship training, like found in action shooting sports.  The purpose will be to establish a sense of community in fellowship and develop each other's skill sets, both in shooting and serving the Lord.     

Nancy Young

Sisterhood of Free People

I believe God put this on my heart to establish a group for older women in the church to develop friendships in a Christian setting. As a group I hope women will feel free to bring their hobbies and interests. I paint art and have quilted. It would be a non ridged setting. Prayer and conversation would be glorifying to God.

Jonas & Rosie Schwartz

Food & Fellowship

To meet in a relaxed environment where men take turns to bring the unprepared meals and help each other cook a meal for our spouses. The goal is to have fun while we learn new ways to work with our spouses to provide wholehearted meals for our families.

Bradley & Kyla Allen

Friends, Family & Faith

A casual group for ALL age groups to come together and spend time together and show support for one another. We just want to create a fun environment for new believers to find new friends and seasoned believers to relax. No matter where you are in your walk, your welcome to join!

Jared & Mandy Reveal

Living Free as Young Adults

This group is to gain a connection with others in similar stages of life and to gain a deeper relationship with The Father. 

Amber Newman

Connecting Moms

A time for young moms (and their littles!) to get together for connection, prayer, and devotional time. Kids are welcome to tag along and play during this time.

Kenton & Tasha Bailey

The Rescue

Repairing the ruptures in your marriage by following the life and example of Jesus Christ. Since we are made in the image of Jesus, we carry the design and nature of Jesus Christ. It is then in the very fibers of our Kingdom DNA to present ourselves in the likeness of Jesus, doing just as He did, just as “the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing” (John 5:19). And if our fundamental design is to follow the life and person of Jesus, what better model to look toward when repairing the ruptures of a marriage than to the sacred union of Jesus Christ to His bride, the Church?

Bill & Janie Phillips

Deeper Dive into the Way of God

We’d like to take a deeper dive until the four pathways. Everyone is welcomed no matter what step they are on in the pathway.

Dave & Peggy Schulz

Acts 20:20 - Care & Share

Acts 20:20 - I did not shrink from declaring to you anything that was profitable, and teaching you in public and from house to house. The home would be a place of caring and sharing with love and encouragement. To learn more about our role in the community of believers. What is community as we see it in the book of Acts. - Holy Spirit lead agenda that focuses on Matt 22:35-37 where Jesus declares the two greatest commandments to love God and love others. - Provide an environment of freedom, acceptance, and love where there is encouragement to grow in the Lord and learning to discover and use their gifts.

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